Belize ‘s modern and up-to-date offshore legislation provides maximum flexibility in global asset protection and tax and investment planning. Particular features of the Belize international business companies are:

Regarding its advantages:

  • Registration is quite fast as you can have your company registered in one (1) hour.
  • Conducts its trading and business outside of Belize.
  • Tax exempt from, the payment of all forms of local taxation, the payment of stamp duties for transactions in respect of its shares and debt obligations or other securities.
  • Absence of exchange control.
  • Disclosure of the beneficial owner(s) is not required; – share register may be inspected only by a shareholder; – nominee shareholders and bearer shares are permitted; -assets are protected from confiscation or expropriation orders or similar actions by foreign governments.

Security and Confidentiality.

  • Only the Memorandum and Articles of Association are required for public records; – the registration and deregistration of Registers of Directors, Members, and Mortgages and Charges is optional.
  • No minimum capital is required.
  • No audit of accounts is required.
  • No filing of annual returns is required.
  • Only one shareholder and one director are required, who may be a legal entity.
  • No company secretary is required.
  • No annual general meeting is required, meetings may be held outside of Belize , and attendants may be present therein by telephone or other electronic means.
  • Shares may be issued with or without par value and in any currency.
  • Re-domiciliation into and out of Belize is permitted, registration in any foreign language is permitted.