International Offshore Services

Opening Offshore accounts

Once the corporation is registered it is recommendable to have a bank account opened overseas whether the objective is to protect assets or maintain confidentiality in international businesses. Lombardi Aguilar Group has a large network and well established relations with prime banks in financial centers such as Switzerland, Panama, Austria, Cyprus, Belize, and other countries.

Opening Investment accounts

If the client’s goal is to invest in foreign markets from an offshore jurisdiction, Panama presents advantages since income earned from said investments is not subject to Panama income tax. Lombardi Aguilar Group has contacts and business relations with the important brokerage firms in Panama, who manage investments in a professional manner.

Corporate debit cards

We refer clients to processors of international debit cards issued in the name of corporations and foundations. These cards allow loading of funds by bank transfer and their withdrawal from bank machines in 100 countries.

Nominee directors and shareholders

In order to enhance corporate transactions, Lombardi Aguilar Group offers its clients the service of nominee directors and shareholders who will act and carry out the company according to the instructions given by the client, such as the management of investment or banking accounts, execution of contracts or representation of foundations and corporations before government and private entities.

Virtual office

Lombardi Aguilar Group offers international clients a complete virtual office service, which includes telephone lines, retransmission of faxes, e mails, and letters in general.